– A gentle way of instilling warm, filtered water into the colon to remove toxic waste

1st session $75.00 With 1 Hour Consultation. Includes 15 min food analysis on the Zyto, Free Hypergravity and Turbo Sonic.
one session $75.00
four sessions $280.00 ($70.00 each)
six sessions $360.00 ($60.00 each)
twelve sessions $660.00 ($55.00 each)



1 month membership (4 x per week ) $60.00. 3 month membership (4 x per week ) $120.00


TurboSonic is a “Sonic Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Device” that creates natural vertical vibrations. Unlike the conventional vibration exercise machines utilizing rotary motors, TurboSonic employs a high-performance, acoustic amplifier system and a magnetic voice coil circuit, thus solving the ongoing problems associated with noise and mechanical abrasion.

Studies have shown that whole body vibration exercise substantially improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility. It has also been proven to enhance blood and lymph circulation, which is critical in an exercise program. WBV is also being utilized to assist the circulatory system’s ability to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body.

TurboSonic provides the same or even better effect of exercising while just standing on the machine doing nothing but listening to your favorite music. It can be used by anyone regardless of age, sex, physical or neurological condition. This is especially good news for office workers, overweight people and clients, who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time.

Used alone, or as a pre or post workout complement to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise, TurboSonic provides its conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Full-body workouts, consisting of movements and positions designed to train the entire body, can be done on the TurboSonic. Since it can train without the physical rigors of traditional exercise, individuals who find it difficult to exercise, can enhance their quality of life and potentially extend it through improved overall fitness. For avid fitness enthusiasts, TurboSonic enhances traditional exercise regimens.


Using revolutionary technology once only available to astronauts and elite athletes, HYPERGRAVITY FIT-N-FLEX has one of the largest selections of platforms, bringing the remarkable benefits of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training to practitioners, athletes and individuals with a wide variety of wellness, health and fitness goals.

HYPERGRAVITY builds all steel vibration training platforms that, when used just 10 minutes a day, will become an integral part of your anti-aging health and fitness regimen, increasing the quality of your life.



-This removes toxins from your kidneys, liver, lymph & colon. By being recharged / reenergized your body will benefit greatly.

$45.00 / $65.00

The Deluxe Includes a wonderful Sugar or Salt Scrub on both legs and feet. WONDERFUL!!!!!!



An ancient therapy that cleanses the ear and helps with ringing in the ears: $45.00